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Mar 02, 2023

You’re going to be forced out of business!” someone said. “Aren’t you worried?” They had just learned that a barre studio was opening across the street from my yoga studio.

I did not think that the barre studio would take us down.

I thought it was a new creative and safe exercise option. In my bones I knew that yoga was here to stay. Because DUH, yoga's been around forever. Trends are like spotlights, brightly claiming our focus, our FOMO or fear of obsolescence.

Spring colors, Fall boots, TikTok, mocktails, muted hues, wallpaper (why!?), Coastal Grandmothers, matcha...

What we discovered. Indeed, the barre studio did help our business. It grew our community’s respect for studio exercise. In our outdoor-oriented community, studio exercise programs were a step down from the REAL thing—mountain biking, skiing, running. People eschewed them vigorously.  As more sophisticated options entered the market people learned to love the unique benefits of yoga or barre. Studio classes became a valued part of their routines.

Recently one of my clients mentioned a concept she learned in a book on gathering. People want to gather in predictable ways, she shared. They want (particularly now) something that is comforting for their nervous systems. I’m an early adopter, but my nerves flare when I am trying something new. Even something old/new, like going back into Orange Theory Fitness after over two years away. I want to learn the new things, but I want them to fit into what I understand.

We want the new, but we want it to feel safe. We want to be on trend, but we don’t want to waste energy, time or money. 

Practicing is always trendy. The power of it is hidden in plain sight.  We know this. We do the deep work.

Here are a few of the hot trends in personal development and how I think they fit into the concept of steady practice:

Manifestation. Who isn’t teaching this? Conscious manifestation is best defined by the law of resonance. You don’t get what you want; you get who you are. Realizing dreams requires that you clear limiting beliefs, set intentions, hold them and raise your frequency. All those elements are pieces of steady practice. As simple as these concepts are, they take time to understand. Our coaching teaches people how to tap into their creativity, do deep personal clearing and set their lives up to support them in consistently raising their vibes.

Feminine/ Masculine balance. This one is about deep generational healing. It’s genuinely personal for all of us. Empaths and HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) struggle to feel any kind of safety in masculine energy environments and blow all the way over to totally feminine ways of being in business and life, but guess what? That does not work. Nor does it work for men to deny their need to be vulnerable, deeply seen and safely held. We all need a balance of both energies. Creating safety for myself in work, relationships and money has been healing for me, and has given my feminine energy a place to unfold. That combination creates magnetism and radiance. You learn how to do this in practice.  

Empowerment. Ideally, everyone has the right to live in the world of their choosing. Free will is the strongest law in the Universe. Healthy boundaries, belief in what you feel ‘silently drawn’ to (thanks, Rumi) and conscious steady pursuit of its creation grants connection to absolute cosmic power. And power comes with responsibility, which you learn how to use by being in steady practice.

Practicing is hot!  And it’s also just, still, always—practice. We blend the ancient and modern in a way that unlocks the secrets to realized manifestations, spacious feminine / masculine balance and peace, and radiance and trust in abundance via steady practice.

Work with me? I would love to support you in developing your practice. Here’s what’s coming up:

Level One: “The first time I took it I loved it and absorbed a lot. The second time it transformed me.” Create your personalized framework in expansion essentials. After this class, you’ll have the power. Create and sustain capacity, which is the key skill to mastering manifestation. Also covered: personal clearing, flawless boundaries (critical to expanding abundance) and much more. $2222 for Units I & II. Payment plans available. Limited space. Next group starts late March.

Private coaching: Creative mentorship for coaches. You need one to one coaching in a long form container if you are selling this service. Not because it’s out of integrity to sell if you aren’t getting it. Because you need to get into the realm of the mystical and that takes intimate practice. You create your own curriculum by focusing on what lights you up. This, combined with being in tune with your intuition creates mind blowing alchemy in client sessions.

Level Two: Elite support in practice development. High vibe group coaching + occasional workshops. Prerequisite: Level One (live or digital ... reply for more info!).

Thank you staying in touch! Please tell me what you are working on or want to learn about. And if you know of someone who could benefit from mindset support or have ideas about where we might be able to help with our group programs, I’d love to be connected.  Our mission this year is to be a vibrational change in the communities we serve.  

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