“Troubled? Then stay with me, for I am not.” ~Hafiz

courage inspirational snacks Oct 04, 2020


It's Sunday! Hello.

Whew! We got through that week. 

“Troubled? Then stay with me, for I am not.” ~Hafiz

This quote was one of the first teachings I was given as a new coach.

“Reminder!” It says…

”Be a light.”

As we step into Q4 of this astonishing year, it’s settling in me again.

Troubled? Then stay with me. For I am not. 

How can you choose for that state—untroubled—daily, during chaotic times? 

You can passionately embrace what's important to you. Consciously DO it, and be it, and turn around and observe it. You can masterfully discipline yourself away from stuff that harms your nervous system or takes you down rabbit holes. You can cultivate—as if you are a gardener-JOY. This is not a denial of responsibility. It's an essential part of your nourishment. 

Early in the year, I read a story about how bad news sticks like velcro, and good news falls off, like a non-stick pan. You have to fuel yourself with a steady diet of positive information. When you do, you physically FEEL BETTER and that keeps your immune system on track and helps with mental health. 

Here is a quick digest of positivity for you, and prompts for you to capture your own. 

Yesterday, at the last farmers market of the season, I helped my cousin carry her bright orange pumpkins home. She told me about the homemade pizza she’s making today. It felt quite Fall, and deliciously ordinary. 

My daughter Lily cut bangs this week! They look cute. And I am bursting with happiness because after 6 months of painful unemployment, she landed a full-time job working as the front desk person for a natural health clinic. Bonus: her boss is my friend and PDX yoga teacher (but I had NOTHING to do with her landing that gig). 

Have you seen  ‘My Octopus Teacher’? I watched it the other night...extraordinary. That film is headed for the academy awards! Want to unplug from the noise? Fall in love with an octopus. The beauty, devotion, complexity, and completely different environment captured in that film will soothe your soul. 

Driving home from Nevada, where I escaped to breathe clean air for a while, I listened to the brilliant book ‘Stretch’ by Scott Sonenshein. A Rice University social scientist, Dr. Sonenshein will teach you to rethink what you need to succeed. This book is juicy! Do you know how food carts got started? Or which startup had a burn rate of $14 million a MONTH (and still failed!). The stories, the challenges, the lessons, and the inspiration..it’s a perfect book for 2020. 


What is something you are celebrating this week or today? 

What is good in your life that is happening because of the challenges of this year? 

What are you making, writing, doing or creating this week that percolates your soul and heart? 


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