What Would Happen if We Let Ourselves Believe?

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Shannon Conway
What Would Happen if We Let Ourselves Believe?

 My media critic daughter is thinking of giving up Netflix. She sighed. It’s just gotten so dark. She said this as we rode up the elevator together to settle in for our weekly fix of Ted Lasso. I’ve already seen it, but until recently she had not. In a retro move we decided to watch it weekly, together. It’s the best life carbonation. 

What is the secret to getting everyone in the world to love your little show, with barely any detractors? An interviewer asked show creator Brendan Hunt. 

Ted is kind and curious; he doesn’t judge. And he is relentlessly optimistic.

Ted’s world view isn’t a delusion, it’s a choice. What rattles everyone—the show’s characters and us watching at home—is the realization that we have that choice, too. What would happen if we let ourselves believe? 

It takes conscious choice to be positive. It is a practice. 

Well, if you know me, I think EVERYTHING is a practice. But for a sec let’s talk positivity. You can use connection to reaffirm suffering, or you can use it to create resonance and coherence. 

Mastery is choosing positive resonance and coherence. ALL THE TIME. 

Against the noise of your ego screaming “do NOT do it”. Playing an endless loop of past failures and future disappointments. Against the overwhelm and heaviness of the world. 

You have to open your heart, and put it out there. You have to risk it, and consistently shore up, eyes on the prize. Set goals that are soul led, then stay in the arena. 

We are human lint rollers picking up energies from everywhere, we have to practice refreshing and refueling. I forget, and have off days–deflated and discouraged. We all do. This is why we need practices, and mentors, and cohorts that strengthen us. And shows like Ted Lasso. Which are kind of the opposite of most of what’s on Netflix. 

So, from Ted Lasso, here’s our mini Ted Talk. 

Have goals, and take steps toward them every day without attachment. 

Get fed: nourish yourself with connection, care, humor, happiness, people that love you. 

To consistently raise your vibe: Connect with something bigger–a group, coach, vision. Believe. 

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