Why I don’t batch my content

Apr 03, 2022
Shannon Conway
Why I don’t batch my content

Troubled? Then stay with me, for I am not. ~Hafiz.

I’m no astrologer. I barely understood any of the signs until I had a Capricorn child and had to get to know that foreign brand. But lately the feels from certain star sign events have been so ubiquitous I cannot deny their impact. I don’t believe that we have to be victims of planetary energy, but I do respect its influence and in a larger sense, its guidance.

As I write, it is the day of the Aries new moon, which apparently is about the enlightened NO. “No” is a complete sentence and one some of us need to use with more certainty. It is time for you to follow your most innovative and passionate ideas. To have the fuel for that, you need to fully release ties and programming that do not serve.

Trauma and habit memories came up for lots of people this past week. Old stories, “I told you so” experiences, and too many boundary opportunities to count.

Takes me to this idea: “Shannon, you should really batch your content.”



I want to, I really do. I want to batch it! But I feel like a seismograph, measuring the tremors, tuning into what is happening, now, now and now. 


My team knows that a secret (well, not anymore) yearning I have is to write like Kelly Corrigan. She takes more than an hour to write her stuff; I’m sure of that. I write like a journalist covering a game with a ‘going to press’ deadline in an hour.  


Maybe one day I’ll craft some killer sentences (I just read today that Mary Oliver healed despair though nature and precise language–love that) but for now, it’s AP Wire style. 


Sooo. if you are still feeling the weight of the emotional pressures  of relationships you need to release, or people in your field who do not fit, or situations forcing you to face uncomfortable music... here are a couple of tips. 


If you have cleared the situation/person but have an energetic hangover: Declutter your physical space. Wash off the energies with epsom salts or a shower. Get out in nature to connect away from your head + ego. Buy fresh flowers or a new plant. Listen to music, spend time with people whose vibes feel good. 


Not yet fully in your No? Tempted to text, call, email? Get your vibration UP. Ask ‘is this mine’ if you feel stuck with energies that are foreign or uncomfortable...who has access to your field? They could be in Africa and still be corded to you. Do things from the list above. Do NOT act until you have broken the energetic tie and feel different. Not necessarily ‘amazing’ just not stuck. 

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