Why Living Beyond Your Wildest Dreams is Important Work

courage magic new coaches support Nov 07, 2021
Shannon Conway
Why Living Beyond Your Wildest Dreams is Important Work


‘Let me carry your light without restriction’ ~from a prayer by Tosha Silver 


Beyond your wildest dreams is fully possible. And learning how to live this way is your work on this planet. 


I see it every day in my life, and in the lives of my clients and students. “I remember the days I prayed for the things I have now” happens frequently. 




Picture #1: a few years ago, sitting outside a restaurant, one block from where I moved last month. I was not living in PDX at the time. I felt light-years away.

Picture #2: a text I got recently from my daughter after introducing her to Ted Lasso. 


If you only knew all we’ve been through as a family to have what we do today. I’m so grateful for her love. What greater reward could I want than the deep love of my child? 


Getting to the place where your wildest dreams are coming true is about creating the dream idea (intention), holding focus on it for a bit (attention), then letting it go and raising your vibration (no tension).


And then watching what happens as ‘this or something better’ unfolds in your real life.


The trick, of course, is the ‘no tension’ part. As we’re presented with elements of the dreams coming true and the challenges therein, our nervous systems freak out. They are running on old programs of fear, anxiety, failure, self sabotage.


Moving to Portland and being more a part of my daughters’ lives were two of my dreams. I’ve also created a perfect support team, strengthened my business, and much more. Like heart cracking open crazy coincidence stuff on the regular. Resources appear out of thin air. Projects are simpler than you’d expect. And all this magic ripples from me to my family, my community, my clients, team, students. Last night I was purchasing groceries with one of my daughters. “I loved talking to you people!” said our check out clerk. 


This IS our work. Spreading light. 


It isn’t an overnight process. It isn’t a haphazard thing. You will be tempted. And you will fall. But then you will get up with new learning, and you will practice differently.


Creating and experiencing miracles is how we are meant to live. 

It can all be easier, simpler and more full of flow than you’ve envisioned when you practice with devotion. 

I refer to the work we do as practical magic.Until recently I did this covertly, because it is the title of a movie, and also is a weird way to talk about work!  But the truth is, what we do IS practical magic. 


We help light workers repair, refine and enjoy their practices. Which really means their lives, because your work IS your life if you’re in these waters. 


We offer small group coach training with accessible, time-friendly lessons delivered via a bespoke digital learning platform. We understand that everyone has their own learning preferences, styles, and varied amounts of time. Learn on your terms. And get support through our LIVE teaching every week (but trust us, no Zoom fatigue). 


We have a maximum of 12 students per cohort. Intimate, personal and thorough. Foundations and formulas, of course. Also practicums, labs, love, support and unraveling for even the blind spots you don’t know you have. 


I’m a training geek and went through four coach training programs without finding what I wanted. So I made it myself! Now in its 6th year, we are thrilled to offer a sleek and updated for 2021 version of the program our students rave about. It has already created a lot of ripples. Maybe it’s time for yours. 


Are you ready to make 2022 your year of practical magic? Secure your spot with a deposit now. The magic starts when you anchor in. You can then rest and receive until 2022. Know someone who needs this? We pay referral bonuses! Forward this email.  


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