You can get Messages from your Intuition Today

courage inspirational snacks magic Jun 19, 2021

Your next level starts here; where you are right now. 

It starts with you taking in beauty, light, sweetness. And while THERE, tuning into the whispers of intuition. And then acting on it. 

Read that again.

It’s not some BS prose I put together to give myself a writing hard on. And I absolutely know how to do that by the way <re-reads her own work 14 times obsessively looking for the missing comma>.

Intuition is VERY quiet. And equally important.

Yes, I know (and tell!) the story about how it comes in gently like a tiny brush on your cheek but if you don’t listen it’ll hit you over the head with a 2x4.

First of all, who wants the 2x4 experience? Just no.

Second, in the emerging paradigm energies are heightened; things move faster. Like a bullet train.If you can train yourself to respond to the subtle frequencies, you’re going to get higher vibe messages. Full stop.

It takes love, discipline and support.

Pausing when you get scary/traumatic inputs and clearing those before you respond.

Writing down the magic things that happen, the intuitive hits that work out. Pearson’s Law: when performance is measured, performance improves. 

Your next level is full of magic. Let it in. Work with me!

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