You Need a Guide for Your Hero's Journey!

inspirational snacks Nov 15, 2020

Hello, Friends! 

I hope you are all experiencing a slight soothing of your nervous systems with the election in the rearview mirror and adults coming back into the room. I can finally start listening to NPR again. 

It is a challenging time in the world with the pandemic raging.

As I write, most of the US and Europe are in or are headed into stricter lockdowns.

My own US Thanksgiving plans with Lily just collapsed (for completely understandable reasons, and we are hoping for a family Christmas). This has me thinking.

How can I be a light in the lives of others this year?  

It's not a soup kitchen kind of year. Is it homemade cards, making and delivering meals? Other acts of service (my favorite love language). What other ways can I give back? I welcome your ideas. Please, reply to this email if you have suggestions. 

Friends, It has BEEN A YEAR. And as challenging as it is, we are all stronger from these trials. With 2021 is right around the corner, let's look ahead to our healing + rebuilding.  

Are you a coach, healer or personal development pro looking to next level your work? If so,

consider joining me in The Course next year. Here's your invitation. 

It's time to crack the code. 

You want to empower yourself in your soul purpose work. Enjoy a balance of service, pleasure, and profits. ⁣You want to stop the scroll, and land in a container that can support you. ⁣

A place that can nourish you, heal you, teach you, grow you, and enchant you. ⁣

You want to learn how to exponentially expand your dreams. To make your current ceiling your new floor. ⁣

You need a guide for your hero's journey! 

Learn to lean into your mission’s messages, creating the strength and expansion they require to bloom. ⁣Heal crippling money trauma and witch wounds that prevent you from feeling safe to speak your truth, market, ask for the sale, receive and manage money.  ⁣

⁣Connect with brilliant loving peers that champion you, elevate you, see you, walk with you. ⁣

“The world will be saved by the Western Woman.” ~Dalai Lama. ⁣

Our work is to light up ourselves, and with that light, light the world.


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