Your Million Dollar Idea?

courage support Dec 12, 2021
Shannon Conway
Your Million Dollar Idea?

Hello from beautiful Bend! Check out the sunrise from my sweet guest house. Gave my brand new tires pretty much the ultimate test yesterday. 50 straight miles of a white out snowstorm. I had a couple of moments of silently saying, “Tires..we’ve got this..right?”

Let’s get to today’s story…

In her book ‘Big Magic’ Elizabeth Gilbert posited that ideas wander around the Universe, looking for hosts. Offered an idea you don’t receive and nurture? That idea will go find someone else. If you’ve read the book, you know she proves this theory with a wild but true story about kissing the novelist Ann Patchett at the NYC Public Library, and transferring an actual idea (that she was not tending) over to Ann.

A while back I was out for a walk with my daughter. She wasn’t happy in her current path. “I have an idea,” she said. What is it? I asked.

I can’t tell you, she said, frozen in fear by the weirdness and bigness of THIS THING.

Okay. "Can you text it to me? "I asked.


You guys. We were literally on a walk TOGETHER. But she said she could only text it so, okay...

She dropped behind. After a bit the text came in: “I want to write for TV.”

The idea was so strange and different that she couldn’t say it.

But it was also so loud in her body that she couldn’t ignore it.

Once spoken, it needed to be seen and supported so she could progress. She got her MA in Digital Journalism last year. And now she is indeed working on writing for TV.

Sara Blakely says that everyone has a million-dollar idea. She also says that ideas are most vulnerable in their infancy. When she came up with the idea for Spanx she told almost no one for a year.

Bringing dreams to reality is the richest thing. There is little that compares to that feeling of “I’m really doing this, this is happening!” I mean, look at the ultimate ‘idea’--creating a person. I’ve never felt more high than when I was actually bringing another human onto the planet.

But it takes deep work to nurture dreams to life. Creating a coaching practice that you love, that loves you back, is a work of devotion and love. I was talking with a coach the other night about a key challenge. Good coaches are already good at lots of other things. To make it as a coach you have to be really good at coaching (which itself takes practice), but also be open to learning many other new things. And you must master the other things to make it. So you’re in this weird spot of being the ‘expert’ while you’re also a vulnerable beginner. It’s a conundrum, people.

You need support. A container. Steady shoring up, and reminders of your absolute ability to GET THERE.

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