Create, launch and grow your

practice with ease, grace and pleasure

Amplify: A digital course to help you connect to your creativity

Create, launch and grow your coaching practice with ease, grace and

Creating a practice is a sacred calling, a devotional path and an essential tool for health, wealth and well-being in the modern world.  


 Practice Creation is a 6-week container designed to evoke nourished quantum leaps, supporting you as an individual or entrepreneur as you build a sustainable practice that feels aligned, whole and joyful.
Practice Creation is heart-centered, genius content to support you as you to step into your brilliance, build the solid foundations of an incredible coaching business and create the individual and collective impact you desire.


This is practical magic for the lightworker.

I teach the tools, paths, and practices that unlock abundance, expansion and greater love. I’ve been training people to master coaching skills and understand the coaching path since 2015. From humble beginnings—my first class was one student! To a robust experience today, my coach training program has grown in scope and depth, flexing with industry trends and expansion. I serve a variety of students from different backgrounds worldwide, including teachers, creatives, therapists, practicing coaches, as well as both Eastern and Western medical professionals.


In my first business as a yoga studio owner, I witnessed the power of mind and body work as a way to release energy blocks, tension, stress and emotional issues. Students came to class carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, but by the time they’d finished their session they emerged lighter, happier, transformed. Many times I was moved to tears as I recognized the beauty and potency of this work. I also met my own first coach at that time. His presentation at a Business Yoga conference in San Francisco enchanted me, and I fangirled him right afterward asking if he'd take me on as a client. From the first session, I was hooked. Here was the blending of psychology, spirituality, body wisdom, and practical guidance I’d been seeking to understand and share my entire life. I knew—this was my true calling. I’ve been a student of the path ever since.

Shannon's training has been a game changer for me AND my business. As an entrepreneur, finding top-level peer support is critical. Shannon's cultivated group stands out for 2 very clear reasons: 1. The women in this group are phenomenal badass business women from across the globe leading their industries and changing the way their work is done. There is such power in that, and it takes someone extremely special to be able to bring those women together. 2. Shannon is a guide, a mentor, a teacher, a friend, and a loving kick in the pants when you need it. She hears me fully, especially what I DON'T say, and empowers me with guidance and soulful nourishment to be my best self, full of energy and enthusiasm, showing up 1000% both personally and professionally. This has brought renewed energy and a sense of ease and flow back to my business!

Maura Webster

Perhaps you’ve never coached before, but know in your heart and soul that this is the direction you’re being called into, or perhaps you’ve recently been coached and experienced first hand the growth and transformation that takes place when you’re held in a safe space and coached by a professional, intuitive, heart-led coach.
Or maybe you’re already coaching, but you feel stuck, depleted, and frustrated. Your clients are inconsistent or have scarcity issues around payments. Sessions leave you feeling drained. You know that it shouldn’t feel this way. You know you have the potential to be a great coach. How can you make it work?
As a natural problem solver with an empathic, compassionate nature, there’s a high chance that you end up giving far too much of your time and energy to others for free. I was that person too, always the one there for friends going through challenges, sadness, grief, and break-ups. While it’s human nature for most of us to be compassionate and caring towards our loved ones, there is a point at which it starts drifting into codependent behavior. We may lack the boundaries necessary to keep ourselves energetically safe and well.


Once you’re a certified coach you’ll be able to put your natural gifts and newly acquired skills to good use helping others break through their limiting beliefs and negative behavior patterns while being abundantly paid for your work.

Practice Creation with Shannon Conway is a nourishing and potent 2 unit, 12-week container


If you are feeling the call to begin your entrepreneurial journey or refine your skills as a qualified coach, I invite you to apply now! Space is limited to a 12-person cohort. Our Practice Creation Program includes a 1.5 day retreat in Portland, Oregon. Lunch will be provided on the first day of the retreat. Other meals and lodging are not included.  


Investment: $2,500 per Unit | Payment Plans Available


"Do you have the courage?

Do you have the courage to bring forth this work?

The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes."

Unit I & Unit II Price




I had the privilege to participate in Shannon’s program where I dove deeply into my own personal development and how to create a solid container to support others on their healing journey. I felt held while being guided to learn the tools to build my own foundation to soar from. This is what master teachers do, they teach to give their students the skills to help others + heal themselves in a way to be of service for others.

Rebecca Bell

Rebecca Bell

Absolutely amazing! Shannon is so intuitive and connects with the soul of what you are trying to create or archive and kept me on track in creating the very successful business I have today.

Christie Jespersen

Christie Jespersen


Unit I - Becoming

We are all always becoming. “Earth is a school” said Master Teacher Dolores Cannon. “You’re just learning lessons.” I believe that Coaching is a vocation. It is a sacred and devotional path. The path is full of joy, fulfilment and abundance, when you have the right foundation and perspective. Here you learn to become a student of your own creative life and learn how to maximize your experience in this quantum universe.

Lessons include:

  • Finding Your Teachers
  • The Big Leap in Practice
  • The C's 
  • Creativity
  • Goddess Living
  • Unit Review

I’d spent years as a student of spirituality and yoga and was running a successful yoga studio when I went to a business and yoga conference in San Francisco.

There I met an amazing speaker, Alon Sagee, a yogi, business coach, and active DJ. I was rapt listening to him gently untangle the issues we yoga studio owners all faced. He dissolved our problems with insightful gentle humor. After the conference I asked him (vulnerably!) if he would coach me. I was over the moon when he said yes, and the experience of being coached by him lit a fire in me to understand how coaching worked.

I’d spent years as a student of spirituality and yoga and was running a successful yoga studio when I went to a business and yoga conference in San Francisco.

There I met an amazing speaker, Alon Sagee, a yogi, business coach, and active DJ. I was rapt listening to him gently untangle the issues we yoga studio owners all faced. He dissolved our problems with insightful gentle humor. After the conference I asked him (vulnerably!) if he would coach me. I was over the moon when he said yes, and the experience of being coached by him lit a fire in me to understand how coaching worked.

Years later, after taking a couple of certified coaching programs and leaving the yoga world behind to become a full time coach, people would interview me about my experience of the coaching programs I’d been through. One day a woman called me to say she loved my review but rather than enrolling in the program I’d just reviewed for her would I be interested in training her myself? I’d never considered being a trainer of coaches but in that moment my heart knew it was the right thing to do. A full body YES! I designed a whole program for her and included a long list of suggested reading materials (She read every single book! Since then I’ve cut the reading way down).


To teach coaching, I leaned into my path as a student of yoga and my experience of studying coaching as well as what was working in my practice. I intuitively knew that I wanted to teach coaching as a path that students make their own, which is exactly how yoga is taught. I knew exactly what I didn’t want to include also. The first formal coaching program I took included copyrighted tools that you had to use to be a coach of their methods. We were allowed to coach only with those specific tools. I realized that restrictions about tools would interfere with me being creative or allowing for the rhythms of natural alchemy. Following that prescribed method would keep me small, and it was not in alignment with the deep heart centered pull I felt to make coaching a creative experience.


I knew that the best coaches take the foundational tools and infuse them into the practice of their coaching business alongside their own intuitive gifts, life experience and tools from other areas of work and training.


So many people are scared to step up and be the coach they were born to be. I use humor as one element of my coaching practice. I simply wouldn’t be me without it! Part of my teaching includes cracking open the essential magic in letting yourself be a beginner; to surrender to this path and allow yourself to grow from the ground up.


I ensure that my students are ready to coach new clients by teaching them how to effectively and safely hold space and how to have an empowering coaching conversation. Once they complete the course and can demonstrate these skills, they’re free to add their own beautiful twists to their coaching practice and attract their own niche of perfectly matched dream clients.
Practice Creation is an art. It's a vocation. It's sacred. It's a devotional path.  
Learning the basic tools and techniques will create the muscle memory required to build and develop your own systems.


I believe there are certain elements that work together to support this philosophy:


Healing + Practice. Trauma therapy, grounding, sweating, showering, retreating, resting, replenishing, eating healing meals, slowing down, laughing, sleeping, connecting to release relational issues.


Quantum + Magic. Manifesting miracles, claiming higher and higher levels of service in every area of your life - laddering up. Designing your life and then making it all happen. Being spontaneous, being in love with yourself, being love. Tracking your magic and watching it expand. Being open in your heart.


Service living. A life of purpose. Your personal ‘work’ is what wakes you up in the morning, nourishes you, intrigues you, fascinates you, flourishes you.


Practical Business guidance. Smart, simple practices that you implement to heal your money trauma and set your business up to support you and bring in all the abundance that you want.
You feel it, right? It's a pull from your heart and a knowing in your soul that's calling you to take that next step. Once you combine your natural, intuitive gifts with exceptional coach training, there are no limits to the possibilities that await you.
Will you be joining us?
If you are feeling the call to begin your journey or refine your skills, I invite you to apply now! Spaces are limited to a maximum of 10 people.
Payment Plans Available

Before you take the big leap into a transformational program, you'll no doubt have lots of questions.

If your question is not answered below, please drop me an email: [email protected].

When does the course start and finish?

Practice Creation is a 12-week program.

Will I need to participate in person or is it a virtual experience?

This program is a mix of training modules, exercises and live classes where we encourage participation in the group to ensure you are held and supported as much as necessary. The program does include an optional live retreat in Portland, Oregon. Attending the retreat is not essential to course completion or certification.

Will I still have access to the program once Ive completed it?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the course content including anything we add in the future - across any and all devices you own.

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes, you can pay in full or choose a monthly payment plan, which you can see here.

Will calls be recorded?

Yes. Although we encourage participation in live classes, all calls are recorded and will be available in your private Facebook Community and on Kajabi.

How many hours per week will I be investing?

It’s up to you. If you follow the content model in order, you’re investing about one to two hours per week. This includes working on your practicum and reading. Coaching calls, which happen weekly on Thursdays at 1:00 PM (PT) will be 60 minutes in duration. 

Ive done a lot of programs. How is this different? Will it be helpful for me?

This program not only teaches you exactly how to drop into the path of coaching, it also teaches you how to look with discernment at all future programs. Essentially this is the last program you will feel you ‘need’. Students come out of the course feeling confident, creative and safe to express themselves as coaches. If you want to make a deeper impact and/or expand your impact to reach more people, this is a no-brainer. 

What if Im already in a program? Im worried about time…

You choose your level of commitment. When you want something, you make time and show up for it. Our weekly live classes are on Thursdays at 1:00 PM PT.

Will I get support from Shannon?

Absolutely! This program will have a very interactive Facebook group to provide support every step of the way plus our weekly LIVE coaching calls to ensure you stay on track and are held throughout the program. You are also invited to attend our live retreat which is a mix of coaching, teaching (and peer connection). There is a ton of Shannon in this program.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

“Practice Creation” is an energetic commitment and space is very limited. Be certain before you join, as once you make the decision your field is anchored into the group and into my field, and transformation begins. No refunds once you enroll.

Working with Shannon has been a truly transformational experience. I first came to her because I had been struggling for a long time with money blocks, working hard, and not seeing the desired outcome. She not only helped me break through those blocks but also guided me back into energetic alignment. Shannon is wise, soulful, extremely insightful and a true joy to work with! 

Bridget Butler