We create potent, individual, highly capable coaches ready to step out into the coaching world with courage and confidence, ease and grace.

Practice Creation: Coach Training


We create potent, individual, highly capable coaches ready to step out into the coaching world with courage and confidence, ease and grace.

Develop your coaching practice in a way that is pleasurable, sustainable and financially lucrative and supports you to be the change you wish to see in the world.

If you’ve taken coaching programs and courses but are still struggling to launch or create a business that works with you, not against you, then you’ll LOVE Practice Creation.


Because we designed it with people just like you in mind: Incredible humans who want to make a difference to other people’s lives and know that coaching is the perfect way to support effective change and bring about lasting transformation, as well as a growth industry with enormous financial potential. 

Before we dive in, let me ask you this ONE important question:

Have you taken a coaching certification program (or multiple programs!) with the belief that once you qualified you’d be catapulted into a thriving coaching practice with an endless stream of clients, financial security and that all-important yet elusive healthy work-life balance?

If the answer is YES, but it just never happened, then I know exactly how you’re feeling…

Deflated. Frustrated. Stressed.

And you might even be blaming yourself. Caught up in thinking it’s all your own fault; that for some reason you aren’t good enough, aren’t cut out for this lifestyle or perhaps beating yourself up for investing thousands of dollars with little to show for it!

Am I right?

I meet women like you all the time and it breaks my heart to see them stuck, struggling and defeated. 

As a visionary, big-picture thinker, and someone who’s been in this industry for a long time, I’ve learned that being a successful coach is about much more than investing in one expensive, well-marketed glossy course and expecting it to be the quick fix you’re expecting. 

TRUTH: You can’t become a great coach simply by paying for a course and showing up. You have to become a student of your own practice: devoted to learning, growing and evolving.

There are three essential parts to creating a sustainable and joyful coaching practice. 

These form the basis of our Practice Creation program that runs over 7 months, with an optional add-on of 5 months' private 1-1 coaching and business support.

When you work with us, we’ll guide and support you through each stage in an empowering, light-hearted and creative way, expertly teaching you how to weave together essential practical skills with your own unique magic. 

We create potent, individual, highly capable coaches ready to step out into the coaching world with courage and confidence, ease and grace.



(Live retreat)


We start with personal development.

Because when you learn how to care exquisitely for yourself and work from your inner radiance, everything you do in your practice becomes pleasurable, easeful and sustainable. 

Our live retreat is the perfect start to the course; a way to connect more deeply with your cohort, set your energy and intentions for the months ahead and learn the fundamental practices of self-care, creativity and manifestation. We’ll be introducing you to our course curriculum, key lessons including everyone’s favorite: finding your teachers and their key lessons. 

The entire program is trauma-sensitive, empowering and SAFE.

It is a course of both practical and magic, as we are deeply enamored of both and know that life gets really good when you bring the two together.

Retreat details: Part One of Practice Creation is a live, in-person retreat in the USA.

An example of our retreat weekend is the following: Accommodation is included for Saturday night. Meals are included on Saturday all day, and Sunday morning. Special diets can be catered for. (See FAQs for more details)


(Online, Classroom style)


One key practice concept is that we are always students of our practices. (If you’ve ever tried yoga or meditation, you’ll likely already understand this concept.) As we work together, you’ll learn how to construct coaching conversations, learn additional tools to support your coaching practice and create your own individual toolkit that feels aligned to you, therefore fun and exciting to use. We’ll be guiding you all the way as you refine your tools and develop your own style of practice. 

We teach you the foundations, but there are no cookie-cutter models or trademarked tools here! We support you to become the coach YOU need to be; expressing yourself in your own unique way and creating the impact and transformation that only you are capable of. 

There is always time and room for questions, and you’ll have lots of assigned practice. We study resistance and learn how to work with it in ourselves and our clients. Plus, there are enlightening book clubs and an exploration into the Joy of Service. When Section Two wraps, you are a coach, ready to launch, build or grow your practice.


(Online, group coaching and mastermind sessions with guest experts)


This is our secret sauce! We know just how hard it is to bring a practice to life, so in this section you’ll step into a supported bootcamp-style program that helps new, or out-of-practice-, coaches build sustainability in sales, business and marketing activities. (And enjoy it!)

We’ll be sharing all the resources you need to make your practice ‘real’ so you can attract new clients, build an engaged audience and create solid foundations for a financially successful future.

In Launch Track, you’ll set up the pathways needed to create offers and prepare to sell and deliver your coaching packages. You’ll create a strong brand identity, build a marketing strategy, work on sales and build out your coaching calendar.

You’ll have our expert eyes on everything you do and have easy access to experienced coaching support and experts through group calls and a Slack channel. Plus, you’ll have access to our abundant resource library to support you through every stage of launching or growing your unique coaching practice.

Course Investment


Practice Creation Level One is a 7-month program.


Part 1: Personal Development (Live Retreat)

Part 2: Build Your Coaching Toolkit (Online)

Part 3: Launch Track Bootcamp (Online + Group Expert Sessions)


Pay-In-Full: US$10,000

Pay Monthly: US$1,485 per month x 7 months

(Payment plan includes 4% processing fee)

Optional 5-month coaching support add-on:

Pay-In-Full: US$5,000

(Please Note: This option is only available at this price when purchased in full on enrollment. Total price US$15,000 when paid in full)


Hi, I'm Shannon, a certified coach, trainer, educator and mentor focused on empowering creative and spiritual entrepreneurs.

I teach the tools, paths and practices that unlock abundance, expansion and greater love.

I’ve been training people to master coaching skills and understand the coaching path since 2015. From humble beginnings - my first class was one student! - to a robust experience today, my coach training program has grown in scope and depth, flexing with industry trends and a changing landscape. I serve a variety of students from different backgrounds worldwide, including teachers, creatives, therapists, practicing coaches, as well as both Eastern and Western medical professionals.

In my first business as a yoga studio owner, I witnessed the power of mind and body work as a way to release energy blocks, tension, stress and emotional issues. Students came to class carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, but they emerged lighter, happier and transformed. Many times I was moved to tears as I recognized the beauty and potency of this work. I also met my own first coach at that time and from the first session, I was hooked. Here was the blending of psychology, spirituality, body wisdom and practical guidance I’d been seeking to understand and share my entire life. 

I knew this was my true calling. I’ve been a student of devotion ever since.

Shannon's training has been a game changer for me AND my business. As an entrepreneur, finding top-level peer support is critical. Shannon's cultivated group stands out for 2 very clear reasons: 1. The women in this group are phenomenal badass business women from across the globe leading their industries and changing the way their work is done. There is such power in that, and it takes someone extremely special to be able to bring those women together. 2. Shannon is a guide, a mentor, a teacher, a friend, and a loving kick in the pants when you need it. She hears me fully, especially what I DON'T say, and empowers me with guidance and soulful nourishment to be my best self, full of energy and enthusiasm, showing up 1000% both personally and professionally. This has brought renewed energy and a sense of ease and flow back to my business!

- Maura Webster

I had the privilege to participate in Shannon’s program where I dove deeply into my own personal development and how to create a solid container to support others on their healing journey. I felt held while being guided to learn the tools to build my own foundation to soar from. This is what master teachers do, they teach to give their students the skills to help others + heal themselves in a way to be of service for others.

- Rebecca Bell

Absolutely amazing! Shannon is so intuitive and connects with the soul of what you are trying to create or archive and kept me on track in creating the very successful business I have today.

- Christie Jespersen

Working with Shannon has been a truly transformational experience. I first came to her because I had been struggling for a long time with money blocks, working hard, and not seeing the desired outcome. She not only helped me break through those blocks but also guided me back into energetic alignment. Shannon is wise, soulful, extremely insightful and a true joy to work with! 

- Bridget Butler

Before you take the big leap into a transformational program, you'll no doubt have lots of questions.

If your question is not answered below, please drop me an email: [email protected].

When does the course start and finish?

Practice Creation is a 7 month, three-part program. 

Will I be able to participate in person or is it a virtual experience?

Part One of Practice Creation is a live, in-person retreat in the USA. 

Part Two is a mix of virtual training modules, exercises and live classes where we encourage participation in the group to ensure you are held and supported as much as necessary.

Part Three is a supportive bootcamp style that will include live trainings via Zoom, mastermind sessions and 1-1 support. 

What's included for the retreat? 

Our price includes accommodation for one night, meals for one full day plus breakfast on the last day.

Additional nights' accommodation will be at your own expense.

I have special dietary needs, can they be catered for?

Yes, we will have vegetarian and gluten free options available. If you have more specific needs or allergies, please contact us as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made. 

Will I still have access to the program once Ive completed it?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the course content including anything we add in the future - across any and all devices you own.

Will calls be recorded?

Yes. Although we encourage participation in live classes, all calls are recorded and will be available in your private group and on a private YouTube channel. 

How many hours per week will I be investing?

It’s up to you. If you follow the content model in order, you’re investing about one to two hours per week. This includes working on your practicum and reading. Coaching calls, which happen weekly on Thursdays at 11 a.m. PT, will be 60 minutes in duration. 

I’ve done a lot of programs. How is this different? Will it be helpful for me?

We create potent, individual, highly capable coaches ready to step out into the coaching world with courage and confidence, ease and grace.

This program is a mix of practical tools and personal development expertly delivered in three distinct parts to ensure your mindset, coaching skills and business knowledge are exactly where they need to be for you to to thrive as a coach in the modern world. 

What if I’m already in a program? I’m worried about time.

You choose your level of commitment. When you want something, you make time and show up for it. Our weekly live classes are on Thursdays at 11 a.m. PT. If you’re already feeling stressed by the amount of work or commitments you have, please ensure you clear some headspace and physical time in your calendar before enrolling. 

Will I get support from Shannon?

Absolutely! This program will have a very interactive community group to provide support every step of the way plus our weekly LIVE coaching calls to ensure you stay on track and are held throughout the program. There is a ton of Shannon in this program! 

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Practice Creation is an energetic commitment and space is very limited. Be certain before you join, as once you make the decision your field is anchored into the group and into my field, and transformation begins. No refunds once you enroll.