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I teach the tools, paths, and practices that unlock abundance, expansion and greater love. I’ve been training people to master coaching skills and understand the coaching path since 2015. From humble beginnings—my first class was one student! To a robust experience today, my coach training program has grown in scope and depth, flexing with industry trends and expansion. I serve a variety of students from different backgrounds worldwide, including teachers, creatives, therapists, practicing coaches, as well as both Eastern and Western medical professionals.


In my first business as a yoga studio owner, I witnessed the power of mind and body work as a way to release energy blocks, tension, stress and emotional issues. Students came to class carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, but by the time they’d finished their session they emerged lighter, happier, transformed. Many times I was moved to tears as I recognized the beauty and potency of this work. I also met my own first coach at that time. His presentation at a Business Yoga conference in San Francisco enchanted me, and I fangirled him right afterward asking if he'd take me on as a client. From the first session, I was hooked. Here was the blending of psychology, spirituality, body wisdom, and practical guidance I’d been seeking to understand and share my entire life. I knew—this was my true calling. I’ve been a student of the path ever since.

Shannon's training has been a game changer for me AND my business. As an entrepreneur, finding top-level peer support is critical. Shannon's cultivated group stands out for 2 very clear reasons: 1. The women in this group are phenomenal badass business women from across the globe leading their industries and changing the way their work is done. There is such power in that, and it takes someone extremely special to be able to bring those women together. 2. Shannon is a guide, a mentor, a teacher, a friend, and a loving kick in the pants when you need it. She hears me fully, especially what I DON'T say, and empowers me with guidance and soulful nourishment to be my best self, full of energy and enthusiasm, showing up 1000% both personally and professionally. This has brought renewed energy and a sense of ease and flow back to my business!

Maura Webster

I’d spent years as a student of spirituality and yoga and was running a successful yoga studio when I went to a business and yoga conference in San Francisco.

There I met an amazing speaker, Alon Sagee, a yogi, business coach, and active DJ. I was rapt listening to him gently untangle the issues we yoga studio owners all faced. He dissolved our problems with insightful gentle humor. After the conference I asked him (vulnerably!) if he would coach me. I was over the moon when he said yes, and the experience of being coached by him lit a fire in me to understand how coaching worked.