Our Programs are Designed to Naturally Guide You to Your Next Level, and Beyond...


Over years of working with creatives and entrepreneurs and providing training for coaches, we have honed a suite of offerings that produce sustainable transformation so you feel confident to take action towards the life and business of your dreams.

Find out more about our group coaching programs, personal coaching and VIP retreat days below.


Working with SC Collaborative's founder, Shannon Conway, for One to One private coaching is about optimizing everything in a container of pure alchemy. Shed layers, and bring in light. Learn how to truly trust.

Spaces are limited at this level. If you feel called to work together, let’s connect.



Develop your coaching practice in a way that is pleasurable, sustainable and financially lucrative and supports you to be the change you wish to see in the world.

We create potent, individual, highly capable coaches ready to step out into the coaching world with courage and confidence, ease and grace.

If you're ready to step into your brilliance, master new skills and create the impact you desire, Practice Creation could be the group program you've dreamed of.

We offer Level One for beginners and Level Two for continued expansion. 

This is practical magic for lightworkers. 


Our Mission is Your Expansion!

As certified intuitive coaches and trainers, we are focused on empowering creative and spiritual entrepreneurs.

Our programs teach you the tools, paths, and practices that unlock abundance, expansion, and love. 

We believe in growth mindset and the transformational power of levity, Combining years of study across multiple health, wellness, yoga and mind-body fields, with creativity and coaching expertise, we create and deliver intimate group programs and personal coaching that support  empowerment, healing and, ultimately, the development and expansion of your coaching practice. 

We are a collective of sought after coaches, trainers and experts, offering a style that is lighthearted, compassionate and unfailingly precise. 

Are you ready to take your Coaching Practice to the next level? 

"Shannon's Mastermind has been a game changer for me AND my business. As an entrepreneur, finding top-level peer support is critical. Shannon's cultivated group stands out for two very clear reasons: The women in this group are phenomenal badass business women from across the globe leading their industries and changing the way their work is done. There is such power in that, and it takes someone extremely special to be able to bring those women together. And, Shannon is a guide, a mentor, a teacher, a friend, and a loving kick in the pants when you need it. She hears me fully, especially what I DON'T say, and empowers me with guidance and soulful nourishment to be my best self, full of energy and enthusiasm, showing up 1000% both personally and professionally. This has brought renewed energy and a sense of ease and flow back to my business! "


"Working with Shannon has been a truly transformational experience. I first came to her because I had been struggling for a long time with money blocks, working hard and not seeing the desired outcome. She not only helped me break through those blocks but also guided me back into energetic alignment. Shannon is wise, soulful, extremely insightful and a true joy to work with!"

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