A Reading from the Book of Delights

inspirational snacks magic selfcare Jan 26, 2022
Shannon Conway
A Reading from the Book of Delights


Is Valentine’s Day still a trigger? I was surprised to see a post from master teacher John Wineland where he said, “Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day sucks.”  I respectfully disagree. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days.  It celebrates love and devotion. If you let it, it can fuel your heart with joy.  


In Seattle there is a flower shop on Aloha St that scatters rose petals all over the block on Valentine’s Day. While I lived there completely single for a million years I happily drove over to that street to enjoy the visual feast. In Bend the Waldorf school kids hang felt hearts and messages in the trees. Snowy trees with hearts? Photographer’s dream. Every store is filled with flowers. Kids are excited. There’s lots of pink. And chocolate. What’s not to love about this? 


“Expectations are premeditated resentments,” says my yoga teacher. So good, right? 

Romance is  tricky. It’s easy to get it wrong. I remember the time a guy sang ‘My Funny Valentine’ a cappella outside my sorority. We knew his intended target was off being someone else’s valentine. Cringe. 

The year I let go of the day being about romance was the year I fell in love with Valentine’s Day itself. 


I thought we were past it being an issue, but since John Wineland mentioned it, I guess we’re not. And even if you are, your clients might not be. Arm yourself with my thesis. You need to BE YOUR OWN VALENTINE. And you alone know how to do it, because you know what you want. If Valentine’s Day gives you FOMO take yourself out to dinner. Buy yourSELF a present. Walk around a bunch of shops with Valentine’s everything and drink in all that pink fun. “Feast on your life”, says poet Derek Walcott. This isn’t about not receiving what miracles come your way honoring your amazingness. Feminine energy loves to receive. It’s at its best when it’s just receiving all that washes in. It’s about being in the space of gratitude and receptivity and if you are feeling any lack, firing up appreciation and self care. 


I made a mini course last year and one of the lessons in it is something I came up with during the time I was turning my Valentine’s attitude around. Maybe you should buy the course and see if you can figure out which one it is? In my un humble view it’s pretty sweet and would make a great Valentine gift for you know…YOU.


Use code LOVE20 for 20% off my mini course full of ways to be your own Valentine. 


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