Into the Magic Shop

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Shannon Conway
Into the Magic Shop


​​“I don’t know where it comes from - a deep place.”~Adele, in her interview with Oprah. 

How does she write such otherworldly songs? 

She goes beyond her earthly limits. She channels. We all do. Or can, anyway. How? 


Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon's Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart, a book I read last year,  begins by bringing us right into the operating room with the author, Dr. James Doty, as he tackles a complex brain surgery on a four year old boy. All goes well..until it horribly doesn’t.  And we are with the doctor second by second  as he works to regain control. “I calm my mind. I relax my body. I reach in blindly, but knowing there is more to this life than we can possibly see and that each of us is capable of doing amazing things far beyond what we think is possible.”  Spoiler alert: the boy survives, and completely recovers. 


“How much of ME do I put into this work?”, a coach asked me.

Many coaching models teach you to keep yourSELF out. I like to be in. I mean, I don’t make a coaching session about me. But I do bring my own stories. Vulnerability makes things more relatable. And lends fluency to my work. I recently saw a Jackson Pollock painting up close and personal for the first time. Wow.  

I finally got it. Artists are at their best when they tap into that deep pace. How many musicians killed it on the first album then started making money and caving and ehhhh. We are artists with our lives, and for coaches, our art is this work. It is a path of deep devotion and creativity. The noise in the industry creates confusion about what’s really happening here. Yes, it is a multi billion dollar industry. Yes, you can automate things, and you can create big juicy offers and set your sights on $250k or $1million  years. Launch your podcast, write your book. Do ‘all the things’ as this year’s already hackneyed catch phrase says. 


But at the heart of it, you need to do the work. “Remember who you are,” said Mufasa to Simba. 



I have clients who’ve been with me for 2, 3 and even 5 years. Sometimes they rotate off my roster and then we’re back to friendship, sharing our lives and stories.  Then they hire me again and we regroup into a coaching structure. It’s easy and natural to do, because the relationships are honest and safely vulnerable. I practice. So there is more to share, more to offer. 


Coaching is a calling. I heard my own coach say that on a video yesterday and you know, I kinda think she learned that from ME! :)  It is a calling, people. If it called you–well, lucky you! Devotion and practice are how you go into the magic shop. 

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