Make It So

Jun 12, 2022
Shannon Conway
Make It So

Yes, I was a Star Trek Next Gen fan.

And I am still a super fan of Jean Luc. He always makes it so.

Three people wrote to me last week asking if I was ok because it has been a few weeks since I sent a newsletter! Thanks loves. All is well!  I don’t like to recycle content and it’s been a tad busy doing all the coach-y things.

What things? Talking to people about what they are working on, specifically.  

Lately, former students have come back into my fold to reconnect.    

Students return to me when they are stuck, out of alignment, preparing to launch a new product, business, or routine and/or managing personal stuff that interferes with their business vibration. They seek the mind-body connection, creativity and tools that support their empowerment, health, wellness and expansion. Does this resonate with you? 

Every realized dream starts with a thread of an idea or discomfort about what’s happening NOW. Every ‘this is beyond my wildest dreams’ comes from taking steps beyond fear. I didn’t believe that to be true until I experienced my journal pages coming to life. And then watched the same happen for people around me.  

I nurture my practice with the same processes I teach my students and clients.  Even on the most hectic days there is a moment when I feel tears in my heart because I created this. And what I do ripples out to my daughters, my friends, team, clients, students. This week my family is meeting to celebrate my nephew’s graduation from high school. We are staying at a house by the beach in San Diego. It’s a treat to be able to create that experience for my kids. It’s amazing to feel peaceful in our relationships.

As an entrepreneur, I continually revisit my practices and processes to support, align and expand in my business – I want that for you too.

Practice Creation remains a heart-centered, nourishing cohort-based program. The evolved content, tools, practices and teachings guide new and former students into their brilliance. The proven strategies build a solid foundation to create and launch your coaching or other solopreneur business. It now includes (optional) live events, which I host in The Pearl District in Portland. These live events are rocket fuel for expansion – join the next cohort – enrollment is open!

I’d love to connect and understand where you are in your business, work, life -- tell me, I want to hear. Schedule time and let’s catch up 😊 XO

PS: Know others on the cusp of launching something new? I’d be honored if you forwarded this message.

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