My daughter is Weird and a Gem from Einstein

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Shannon Conway
My daughter is Weird and a Gem from Einstein


Growing up,  my daughter confused somatic signals. She could not tell the difference between feeling tired and feeling hungry. When she’s overwhelmed this still happens. We have to tell her: you’re hungry. It’s funny;  but it’s not, because before she recognizes the unmet need she feels horrible. 

I heard ‘I feel horrible’ a lot this week. I feel just horrible! I feel guilty, I feel frightened, I feel performative. I feel  like I’m stuck at this level of prosperity. 

The message is surrender. Ask for help. Stop doing it that way. Do it another way. Whatever that thing is that you are doing—feeling guilty, being self absorbed, being certain you need to suffer, over processing, reading your horoscope, making it about YOU– that is not helping. Get out of your head. It’s hard being so brilliant (you are, we all are) because the brain is so seductive in her guidance. But BRAIN does not have the answers.  

Personally I love thinking. I like to think for hours. 

But thinking is not how we get to a new level. Have you studied Einstein or Nikola Tesla? 

Surrendering, playing, creating space. That’s how. 

You always know the ocean because it taste of salt. And you always know enlightenment because it tastes of freedom.  ~Buddha. 

Are you in love with your practice and making the money you want? You need a method. 

In ten short years we’ve gone from a pretty Wild West atmosphere where most coach training programs didn’t offer more than an HOUR of business training to a recognition that ‘learning to coach’ doesn’t heal you, and doesn’t teach you how to create, let alone run a business.

Those truths are a painful wake up call if you’re newly honoring the pure calling to coach and serve. What? There are all these OTHER PARTS to learn? 

It feels huge. I believe in sorting the noise by approaching coaching as a practice. Like yoga.

  • You learn from teachers, and honor their traditions with discernment.
  • You respect the practice, keeping your vessel clear and clean so you can bring in a lot of light.
  • You always have teachers, knowing you have blind spots and places to improve. You expect to connect to something bigger.
  • You practice pleasure. Goddess living, I call it. Sovereign living. 

Personal limitations, trauma, scarcity fears and old money stories, struggles with visibility and trusting creativity—these are common universal experiences. 

You create your practice by dedicating yourself to it. A missing piece is the masculine structure that we’ve been forced to create ourselves. Lack of regulation is like phenomenal cosmic power, but lack of structure leaves us all spilling about.

You need simple structure.


Learn it with me! Practice Creation. Fall in love with your practice,  within a framework that WORKS. Next cohort starts in March. Get the details



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