Opportunities will light up

Jul 25, 2023

Opportunities light up constantly, like fireflies in a summer forest. 

Do you see them? 

Free will is the strongest law in the Universe. And Einstein says the most important decision we make is to decide do we live in a friendly or a hostile universe? 

In one power-packed day I had two opposite experiences. First, I watched someone I love completely resist an invitation to learn something new that would open up fresh relationships, healing and expansion. Not only for him, but for his entire family. Over a dozen people would be immediately impacted by a yes answer. “Yes, I want more blessings. I am ready to receive.” 

Blessings were being poured like rain. But he was under an umbrella and could not receive the hydration. He had severe resistance. 

Also on that day I connected with a former work colleague who I hadn’t seen in—we actually couldn’t remember how many years. It didn’t matter, as we immediately picked the rhythm back up. Family stories, travel tales, life changes and laughter tumbled out. She remembered the day I came into work talking about the Dan Band performing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ in the movie Old School. Remembering, we laughed almost as hard as we had the first time. It was a brightly colored tapestry of talk. I felt lifted up and effervescent. In the past few years she left a career she loved because of COVID burnout, and she had also been through cancer treatment. But her focus isn’t on how she suffered, it’s on gratitude. 

Language has hypnotic powers. The words we speak are spells. We are always creating our experience, and that phenomenal cosmic power (thanks Aladdin) comes without a handbook. Opening up your mind to the potential takes cultivated wonder–I mean, remember that feeling from being a kid? It takes being TOLD that something completely bigger and different is available to you. A perfect lover, the C level job, double the money for that contract. 

Then it takes fueling your choices energetically every day. 

Step One: Choose from the cosmic menu. 

Step Two: Fuel the choice you’ve made. 

The longer I do this amazing work the more clear my lens is on the central teaching. We are here to learn to open up to MORE. More love, more joy, more abundance, more success. 

It’s a simple idea. But because of our free will, fears, ego, anxiety etc. we stay stuck in resistance. Life is short, people. You absolutely can have more. ASK for it.

Shannon's Suggestions

Currently reading:  The Creative Act by Rick Rubin “I set out to make a book on what to do to make a great work of art. Instead, it revealed itself to be a book on how to be” says the author. When I told my daughter I was reading a book by Rick Rubin she was immediately starstruck! He’s such a superstar. We’re always fascinated by creativity around here, and this fresh lens amazes me on every page. 

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