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Students Say … 

Absolutely amazing! Shannon is so intuitive and connects with the soul of what you are trying to create or achieve. She kept me on track in creating the very successful business I have today.

Christie Jespersen

Shannon is a guide, a mentor, a teacher, a friend, and a loving kick in the pants when you need it. She hears me fully, especially what I DON'T say, and empowers me with guidance and soulful nourishment to be my best self, full of energy and enthusiasm, showing up 1000% both personally and professionally. This has brought renewed energy and a sense of ease and flow back to my business!

Maura Webster

Master teachers teach to give their students the skills to help others + heal themselves in a way to be of service for others. I had the privilege to participate in Shannon’s program where I dove deeply into my own personal development and learned how to create a solid container to support others on their healing journey. I felt held while being guided to learn the tools to build my own foundation to soar from.

Rebecca Bell

Meet Shannon

Shannon Conway is a certified intuitive coach and master trainer focused on empowering creative and spiritual entrepreneurs. Her programs, courses and guides teach you the tools, paths and practices that unlock abundance, expansion and love.

As an eternal student of growth mindset and the transformational power of levity, Shannon blends years of experience in yoga, studies in mind-body connection, digestive wellness, meditation and creativity with professional coaching skills to create supportive, nourishing and inspirational spaces that support empowerment and healing.

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