Removing Darkness

Sep 11, 2022


September 11. We were thinking as we prepped this newsletter. September 11 is the day this newsletter arrives. We all remember. Where we were, and so much more.

As I wait (at least as of this writing) for my daughter’s baby (overdue!) I think of something my friend Tara said last week, with sweetness in her heart. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the baby arrived on Sunday?” she said. September 11 is her birthday. She is British, so the date has less heavy resonance for her than for us, but what struck me more was the infusion of a light idea into a date that feels heavy.

September 11 will never not be the anniversary of an awful day for our country. I remember every minute of that day and the long ones that followed. But as with all our challenges our invitation is to is to remove darkness and replace it with light.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi

Recently I heard about how we light up for angels and spirit guides. We light up for them the same way certain stars in the sky show up brighter for us. I can almost always find the Big Dipper and the North Star in the night sky. Maybe they are more highly evolved stars? ;)

My point is, the brighter our light, the easier it is for guidance to find us, or for us to plug into it (it’s a two-way street).

Recording an audio on Courage for our Practice Creation program yesterday I thought about its definition. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is moving ahead DESPITE fear.

My secret sauce is having the vibrational confidence to help others activate and release blocks. These blocks are varied. They can be blocks to prosperity, to intimacy, to creative freedom, to empowerment at work or in relationship. The reason I have this ‘power’ is that I faced adversity (mostly by being forced) DESPITE fear (often terror, to tell you the truth) and in so doing, I built strength. I connected to what was already deep inside. I call it ‘ruby slippers’ power and I’ve created a framework for how to access it. It is one of those processes that once you learn it you realize, you knew it all along! Once you learn it, you can amplify your wattage endlessly – and light up.

Simple. But not easy.

Inherited trauma, patterns, things we get addicted to (personally I got addicted to anxiety) and of course the general vibe of the WORLD all get in the way. They tangle together into FEAR.

You can expand. It’s easy to learn. Once it becomes a healthy pattern, it is crazy amazing … you just POP into a new layer. “Hyper catapulted to a new frequency” said a client yesterday. We’ve built this into a framework of tools that once learned you can use on rinse and repeat as you go up in levels. Our life’s curriculum is the pursuit of personal evolution.

FEAR is our only true block. Helping others release it is like plugging in light bulbs. Or lighting up stars. Our 6-week incubator teaches this grounding formula with a proven and potent set of tools that creates freedom, love, abundance and happiness designed to support you and your work.  It is ideal for individuals and cohorts - personal and professional.

We’ve researched and experienced the post-pandemic workplace and know burnout is an issue that needs more light … from C-suite to entry-level.  If you’re an innovative leader working to bring light and well-being to your colleagues, contact us – we have room for two partners.  Your company, our coaches.

Thanks so much for the thoughtful notes and kind energy you infuse into our work -- please continue to reach out. I appreciate you!

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