Using Intuition to Solve Wordle

inspirational snacks magic selfcare support Mar 06, 2022
Shannon Conway
Using Intuition to Solve Wordle

I often wake up at 4 AM, and solving Wordle helps me either wake all the way up, if that’s what I want to do, or go back to sleep. Wordle is so short and sweet. You can't get lost in it; so to my mind it doesn’t push digital addiction.  

I look at the blank tiles and my intuition gives me my starting word. What is it today? Is it eager, irate, arose, adieu? 

My intuition knows. 

Intuition speaks quietly in a whisper. It’s a voice before the voice. It’s subtle, fast, simple. THIS word, this action, this direction. Intuition is a tool you can use to help yourself crack open to more. “Open up to something bigger” as my yoga teacher says. 

The world is crazy noisy. And in no way are things calming down—in fact shocking headlines seem to be speeding up and coming at us faster.

All the more reason to tune in. Get your guidance from Source, not your digital girlfriend or boyfriend. 

I listened to a talk by teacher Joseph Murphy the other day: A man who is suffering from inner turmoil, he’s no help to anyone. He is a poor companion, a poor father, a poor coworker. The degree of success of handling the affairs of the world is directly proportionate to your tranquility, and also your realization that there is an infinite intelligence within you that guides and directs and reveals to you the perfect plan.

I think of intuition as that voice in my GPS that says ‘recalculating’ when I take a wrong turn. 

Do this tonight. Leave all worries at your bedroom door. Do not take them across the threshold. Ask to be given deeply restful sleep, and guidance on your next step. As you go to sleep, say this: “I am deeply protected.” On waking, take a moment and listen in. What do you hear? It takes practice to connect this way. Remember, Earth is a school..we are here to learn lessons. 

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