When My Wolf Came Back For More

May 22, 2022
Shannon Conway
When My Wolf Came Back For More

I was exchanging voice memos with a friend as she drove to work. We were chatting about a person who really hurt me.

Recently that person returned, wearing a cloak like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Making nice. Wanting back in. Cue the theme from JAWS.

“People don’t change’” my friend said with certainty. “They do not change.”

Listening, I chuckled. My literal job is helping people change.
I absolutely believe that people change.
If they want to.

“I’m struck by how good you seem” wrote my Big Bad Wolf after our contact.
“I didn’t sense any anxiety or angst. It was nice to see.”

Wow, thanks? Since being connected to YOU is a huge part of why I was anxious. I guess I should thank YOU for being out of my life?

Why am I telling you this?

I am celebrating that I did not get triggered by the Wolf, so raise a glass with me. But also, here’s a chance for you to ask yourself—do you want to change? How?

Discomfort is an invitation to change.
THIS is not how it should feel. This is not what I want. I want more, different.

I did not want to feel disempowered, or that I was someone’s fuel source.

How do you change? You decide you want it to be different. You tether yourself to a new reality, then release or remove all that isn’t THAT.

I don’t keep my journals forever. I love the cathartic process of writing everything out, but then it’s time to transmute the energy. Going back through a few before shedding them, I sank to the couch full of compassion for the ME of a few years ago. The discomfort she felt was foreign. I am not that person anymore.

My beliefs are simpler, cleaner.
Rain washing away into a sunny sky. Until it clouds over, because there is always another level.

As a child I was careful, creative, spiritual and funny. I’m all those things still, today.
But stronger in the good parts. By choice. Because of courageously doing the work in coaching, therapy, other ways. We change. “How” is up to us. Has the wolf changed? I don’t know or care. I don’t resonate on that frequency anymore.

Homework if you’re into this…Write down your discomforts, then ask yourself questions about them. What if this situation could feel completely different? What if all the problems here were magically solved? What if life felt amazing in all ways?

Then watch what comes up. The Universe is subtle, gentle. The invitations feel good, light. Ask this question, go this way.

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